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Changes In Latitudes: A Transgender Experience – Epi 106

Episode 106 One Year TransGenderQueerFluid This week I reflect back on the past year between episode 52 and 106 and share some stories, observations and realizations in embracing and coming out as genderqueer / genderfluid as well as my thoughts about how “fluid” gender is for everyone … not just the genderfluid individuals in the…

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Changes In Latitudes: A Transgender Experience – Epi 105

Episode 105 Another Episode for NON-Trans People Last year I published episode 51 as an episode for non-trans people kind of as a preliminary episode to be share by trans people to non-trans people, almost like an “intro to transgender 101.” Now that a year has gone by, I’ve seen parts of our culture and…

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Ep 9 – 09/26/14 – Food for Thought

Airing live on September 25th, 2014 at 6pm-8pm is this episode of The Queer Life radio show on KBBF 89.1 and streaming through YouTube! This episode we’ll be talking with Karen Gardner and Rachel Gardner from Food for Thought in support of their upcoming Calabash event: Rachel Gardner, PsyD, is Food For Thought’s Client Services…

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