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Here are all the articles that The Queer Life has appeared in the press. Thank you to all the websites, news sources, and organizations that have sponsored and endorsed The Queer Life radio show.

2016 Lesbian Travel Awards has selected our very own La Shaguita in the Lesbihonest Podcast as one of the top travel blogs for "lesbians, bisexual and queer women." Here's what they had to say about Lesbihonest Podcast:

"Speaking of smart content, I am borderline OBSESSED with The Lesbihonest Podcast by La Shaguita which is featured on The Queer Life. One of their more recent podcast episodes is pretty amazing, So A Lesbian Goes On A Tinder Date In Pakistan. The interviews and stories are better than nearly any other LGBT-specific podcast I’ve ever heard."

Congratulations for all the great work done!

Press Democrat Sonoma County

Local radio show host Kaiya Kramer isn’t afraid to tackle divisive political issues such as efforts by some states to ban transgender people from public restrooms. Nor does she shy away from delving into why it appears that many high schoolers today are rejecting traditional gender identities of male and female.

Mixcloud Online Radio Awards Nomination

mixcloud online radio awards

The Queer Life has been featured as a shortlisted award nominee on While we didn't win, we are being featured amongst great radio shows such as "The Economist Radio" and "Serial" from "This American Life".

KQED: A Transgender Mission on Bilingual Airwaves


KQED writer Rachel Dovey visited KBBF and did a fantastic piece on the radio show. The KQED article highlights what the show is about and all the hard work that goes into each episode!

Bustle: Bruce Jenner Says "I Am A Woman" During '20/20' Diane Sawyer Interview, And It Marks A Big Opportunity For The Trans Community

bustle bruce jenner

The Queer Life radio show host Kaiya Kramer comments about the significance of Caitlyn Jenner's very public transition and what it means for the community. Article written by Claire-Renee Kohner.

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