Lesbianism in Communist Prague

Meet Jana, a woman who has lived as a lesbian in Prague since communist times. When she first fell in love with a woman in 1965, homosexuality was still taboo in Czech society. Members of the LGBTQ community were often put under government surveillance and risked losing their homes and jobs. At the same time, there was a thriving underground party culture where Jana and her friends found relief from their day to day struggles. Join La Shaguita as she and Jana discuss what life was like for lesbians and gay people during these turbulent times. Jana will also describe her experiences during the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and the uprisings that led to the fall of communism in 1989.

Special thanks to Lenka Dusilova for her beautiful music. Song credits: “Takafei” with music by Beata Hlavenková, singing and music by Lenka Dusilova and original lyrics by Martin E. Kyšperský. “Kontrapunk” with music by Lenka Dusilova, Beata Hlavenková and Justin Lavash.

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Picture and article by Dik Fagazine featuring Jana’s story. The picture is from one of the parties held by Jana and her friends during the 1970s, when freedom of expression was still restricted by the Communist regime.

Jana in her Prague apartment in May 2016

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