Lesbi in Poland Episode 3: Ewa and Gosia

This episode features an interview with Ewa and Gosia, a lesbian couple from Poland who won a Scandinavian Airlines contest in 2010 to get married in an airplane. Since same sex marriage and civil partnerships are still illegal in Poland, they used the publicity from the contest to increase exposure about LGBTQ rights and visibility across the country. Join La Shaguita, Ewa and Gosia as they discuss the contest, Gosia’s experience as one of the first lesbians to come out on Polish TV in 1995, Ewa and Gosia’s coming out process, and the continued efforts toward LGBTQ equality in Poland.

This is the last of the Lesbi in Poland Series! Special thanks to Gaba Kulka for her music. Check out her stuff on bandcamp. And thanks of course to Ewa and Gosia for taking the time to speak with me.

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Ewa and Gosia, photo by Karol Starczewski

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