La Shaguita Becomes a “Top”

The time has come. La Shaguita has decided she wants to be a “top.” But what the hell does that mean, anyway? Why does it conjure up images of pants, suspenders, and various forms of domination? Tune in as La Shaguita explores this concept with a couple collectively known as The Laur, due to their very similar first names.**

Also, get ready for some brief political commentary because, you know, it’s election season in the U.S. and the results are horrifying.

**Trigger warning (because we still believe in those): this episode contains some harsh language, including repeated references to the phrase “slap that bit&h.” Within the episode La Shaguita and her friends end up dismantling this terrible phrase and examining the reasons it is so unacceptable. However, if you get triggered by references to violence against women you might want to take that into account before pressing play.**

Special thanks to María José Montijo for her beautiful música. Check out her work on soundcloud and bandcamp. Oh yeah, and remember to check out La Shaguita’s full blog posts on

La Shaguita's lips. They have nothing to do with the episode.

La Shaguita’s lips. They have nothing to do with the episode.

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