Is Romance Dead?

Hello world!! Is romance dead? I’ve been experiencing some major writers blog. I’m like. What in the world can I write about? I can’t always write about my slutty tendencies. That gets old. Life isn’t a porno. Except my life does feel like a satire 90′s porno at times. Haha 🙂

So I had a therapy appointment last night. And dating came into conversation (shocking), and so I felt inspired to write about a little bit of it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like “dating” in the gay community is a romantic way of finding out if you want to have a one night stand or not. Like. I’m not looking for anything. I do know what I want ideally, though. But if somebody is wanting to ruin a potential of dating and mystery…and hookup, then why not?! I’ll suck some dick for dessert.


But really, is that all the gay community does? Have sex and get drunk?! I mean I don’t know what straight world is like. But all of my straight friends are in legitimate relationships or married. And none of my gay friends are. Wait one just got a boyfriend.

I feel like straight men are encouraged by their families to find a sweet girl, marry, and make babies with. Of course you get those playboys. But they eventually may settle down. But still they’re experiencingencouragement coercion by their momma. Maybe it’s losing out on the family money haha idk. But like.

When you’re gay.

You don’t normally experience support like that.

You don’t have people telling you from childhood that’s its ok to be gay.

And that it’s ok to find a husband.

My mom is encouraging now tho. And wants me to get a boyfriend so I stop with the drinking and one night stands haha. But if you can’t beat ‘em. Why not join ‘em haha.

Thank god gay marriage is passing in states. Maybe the younger generation will be able to have the dream of love again. Maybe they will see its ok to be gay and have relationships. And get married.

I mean I enjoy my hookups. But I would enjoy so much more to have a man be like. You’re really cute lets fuck let’s go to the redwood forest and have a picnic. Or let’s go wine tasting in Sonoma as our first date. Or go horseback riding on the beach. I sometimes wish I was born a girl so I could experience the love and romance straight men offer.

I mean I’m not bashing on the gay community. All I’ve experienced are mostly lame dates because they wanna hookup. And then we hookup.

I wish gay Prince Charming exists. Why do my girlfriends get to have him and not me? Maybe the universe is saying I need to just enjoy the moment and enjoy what comes my way.

Everyone wants a Jack from titanic. UGH

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