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Quick Episode Summary

00:36 Funerals

06:41 Web of Queer Interview

53:17 Patreon

53:36 Music by Julia Amore “Reality”

The Web of Queer:

As a Doctor Who lover, wait that’s wrong, I’ve never had sexual relations with a lord of any kind, especially not time.  As a Whovian, I have listened to quite a few podcasts with Doctor as the subject, but this is the first one I’ve listened to with a Queer focus.  The Web of Queer does a great job reviewing classic and new Who episodes, and then using the Who universe to discuss our’s, focusing on the LGBTQIAA spectrum….and I mean the whole spectrum, not just the LG portion.

Episode 12: The Laws of Timelord Attraction features a discussion of asexual aromantic by someone who actually is asexual and aromantic.  This podcast is both entertaining, and is also very education for anyone who is interested in hearing more about the Queer community, by members of the Queer community.





Juli Amore

Juli Amore is a multi instrumentalist that focuses on synth driven indie rock and underground dance music. She was picked by Tegan and Sara as a pop vote winner for her remix of I Was A Fool and she most recently worked with American Drum and Bass pioneer Jordana LeSesne a.k.a. 1.8.7. Her club hit Fvcking Dance is lighting up dance floors across the states and she is currently working on her solo LP release titled Juli Amore – Lies Truths and Unknowns expected to be released in 2015.



https://twitter.com/juliamoremusic @juliamoremusic


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Obsidian Shell

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  1. Joe G. on May 6, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    Home with a cold and got a chance to hear this podcast. Loved hearing the “cast” of the Web Of Queer”. I’m a big Dr. Who fan as well as TWOQ fanboy, too. Thanks for a great podcast and looking forward to more from both yours & TWOQ.

    • Maddy Love on October 4, 2015 at 5:36 pm

      Sorry I didn’t see this for the last 5 months 🙁 I’m assuming your cold is better.
      Thanks for the kind words, I just finished the 3 episode of the new season, and am loving hearing TWOQ’s take on the new season.
      Thanks for being the listen, hope you’re still enjoying the show!

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