Ep 23 – 1/9/15 – Alyssa TG Pop Recording Artist

Alyssa TG Pop Recording Artist

This week we interview Alyssa Hailey, transgender pop recording artist. This episode airs live on KBBF 89.1 FM San Francisco Bay Area at 6-8pm, the video will stream live on this webpage and archived indefinitely! If you have any questions during the show call 707-545-0318 or tweet @thequeerlife.

Alyssa is a upcoming Pop Artist ….. Her first single “Glamorous” remix feat Shannel drop Jan 2014. Her debut album “Alter Ego” drops on 01-16-14 on (itunes,Amazon,Spotify etc). Getting ready to shoot her official music video for “Glamorous” remix directed by Melissa Gonzalez. Stay tune for more on this artist #TeamAlyssa

Alyssa Hailey Walker known as Alyssa, felt the artist’s pull to music at a young age, and started writing her first songs by the age of fifteen. Working with many different industry contacts over the years finally brought together the beginnings of her team of similar passionate individuals. She’s found her stride and her passion for music is a burning fire once again. “Music is a way to express your most inner feelings and for me, the ability to express through vocal capability, is what drives everything I do,” says the rising pop star. She is now a complete Florida transplant, with deep roots in the Clearwater area, and finding new inspiration every day.

An artist’s work is shaped by their life experiences and Alyssa’s personal trials and tribulations have certainly contributed to her ability to truly write from the heart. Battling back after early health issues, Alyssa is a proven life fighter, and in it for the long haul. Writing all her own lyrics, collaborating with many talented, local, upcoming artists, this indie pop recording artist intends to take music to a whole other level. With her debut album “Alter Ego” set to be released Jan 2014. she is looking to skyrocket to new heights! Stay tuned for more from this hot new artist!

Alyssa Hailey


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