Ep 15 – 11/07/14 – A Minnesota Trans-Atheist

Maddy Love: A Minnesota Trans-Atheist

This episode we interview Maddy Love who is a transperson who hosts and produces the podcast “A Minnesota Trans-Atheist” which just moved over to become part of The Queer Life family.  Just starting its second year of production, Maddy interviews people and discusses events she believes are important to the trans and gender non-binary communities.  Maddy is happy discussing religion, politics, science, and human rights over a couple of beers – or being left alone to enjoy a Dr. Who marathon, but is most happiest the day after publishing a new podcast episode.  

This show airs live Friday November 7th, 2014 on KBBF 89.1 in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’re watching this show at this time, you may call into the studio 707-545-0318 or tweet questions to us @thequeerlife

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