Ep 14 Happy Halloween Episode! – Trans Filmmaker Activist

Happy Halloween!

Trans Filmmaker and Activist

This episode we interview trans filmmaker and activist Rachael Rose Luckey a TransGender Female living in Hollywood, CA and the founder of TransGenStudios, a trans owned and run film studio. She is a trans activist, the president of the Los Angeles trans coalition, and a campaign manager for TransAmbassadors. The first hour of the show covers Rachael’s experiences in activism/filmmaking and as a trans woman; the second hour we cover LGBT current events from around the world.

Questions and Topics:

  • Did you grow up in Hollywood?
  • When did you get into filmmaking?
    • What was your inspiration?
    • What sort of independent films have you created?
    • Tell me about TransGenStudios
    • How are you furthering trans acceptance in Hollywood?
  • Tell me about your activist work
  • What are you doing to infuse trans representation into mainstream events?
    • Net neutrality
    • What is the Stonewall Democratic Club?
    • What is the Los Angeles Transgender Coalition?
    • What is TransAmbassadors?
  • Trans experience
  • When did you come out as trans?
    • What challenges have you faced being a trans filmmaker?
    • What challenges have you faced as a trans activist in mainstream events?
  • Trans representation in film:
    • Dallas Buyers Club

Current Events:



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