Ep 13 – 10/24/14 – Shunned Transsexual Documentary

Shunned Transsexual Documentary

In this episode of The Queer Life, we interview Janice Villarosa, director of the transsexual documentary Shunned (2014). The documentary follows the lives of trans women in the Philippines while showing their triumphs and tribulations. This film shows a very heartwarming side of the trans experience from the point of view of a cis woman. In this interview we’ll be asking her:

  • What attracted you to the Philippines?
  • Why a documentary about Trans women?
  • Did you encounter any trans men in the Philippines?
  • Why did you name the film Shunned ?
  • How many trans women?
  • Did your world view change after meeting these women?
  • Do you still have contact with them?
  • What has been the response from the trans community?

This episode airs live on Friday October 24th from 6-8pm Pacific. If you are watching, tweet us @thequeerlife or give a call into the studio 707-545-0318 and we’ll answer the call!

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