Ep 12 – 10/17/14 – Double Rainbows

Yes, Double Rainbows

This week we interview Paul “Bear” Vasquez, also known as “Bear” who became famous for the viral Double Rainbows video on YouTube. Bear lives in Yosemite National Park in California where he filmed the famous video that Jimmy Kimmel had declared as the “funniest video in the world.”

Interview with Bear Vasquez


The video now has over 40 million views on YouTube and earned him a feature on CNN.com, coverage from Jimmy Fallon, and Daniel Tosh (Wikipedia). He was also featured on a Smartwater commercial with Jennifer Aniston highlighting the vitality of the video (PopSugar). Bear worked for LA County fire department, in Yosemite, was an MMA cage fighter, and runs a WWOOF farm.

Here is a picture of Bear with Jennifer Anniston:

The Famous Double Rainbow Video

Double Rainbows

Current events from the LGBT community:

Every week we discuss key current events from the LGBT community and our perspectives on said issues. Many of the current events we’ll be speaking on will be very transgender-centric only because there’s so much going on in the trans community at the moment. We share links on all aspects of the LGBT community through our Facebook and Twitter feed. The articles below we share exhibit both the science and humanity of the transgender experience.

This show airs LIVE Friday October 17th, 2014 and is available for viewing here and on YouTube. If you have any questions during the show you may call in 707-545-0318, tweet us @thequeerlife, or go to the YouTube link on this page and use the Q&A widget.

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