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In this episode of The Queer Life radio show, Kaiya Kramer interviews TC Roberts and Anand Kalra both of whom are trans identified composers, performers, and artists in the San Francisco Bay Area about an upcoming show called Man2Man.

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This episode airs live Friday June 10th, 2016 at 6–8pm on KBBF 89.1 FM, replayed on Tuesday night on KBBF 89.1 FM, replayed on Wednesday night at 6–8pm on KWTF 88.1 FM, on KOWS 107.3 FM, and on Facebook Live

Interview TC Roberts and Anand Kalra




Man2man is a musical exploration of the diverse identities and experiences of masculine-of-center people: butch women, transmen, and genderqueer folks. The show features trans guitarist Felix Lee, the debut of the all-transmasculine Vajayna Men’s Choir, and my multiply-gendered group, The Singing Bois. The show will be part of the 19th annual National Queer Arts Festival and was commissioned by the Queer Cultural Center in San Francisco. I’m very excited about creating this platform to profile emerging queer and trans artists and I would love for you to see it!

June 16 at 7:30pm
African American Art and Culture Complex
762 Fulton St, SF

TC Roberts

TC ROBERTS is a queer, gender non-conforming artist and scholar based in Oakland. As a composer and sound designer, they have worked with theater and dance companies across the country. As a musician, T has performed as a drummer, singer, and bandleader with groups including The Singing Bois, The Crane and the Crow, Afia Walking Tree, and Las Bomberas de la Bahía. TC is an Associate Professor of Music at University of California, Berkeley, where they teach courses on popular and folk music in the Americas. They have published multiple books, articles, essays, and blogposts about music, performance, identity, and politics. www.tamararobertsmusic.com.

Anand Kalra

Anand Jay Kalra is a queer south asian trans guy from the midwest. As founder and artistic director of Vajayna Men’s Choir, Anand writes and arranges music that empowers trans men to use the full range of their voices, both musically and politically. As an artist, he has performed his poetry, songs, and comedy in cabarets and open mics in Southeast Michigan and the Bay Area since 2008, and has played trombone and percussion with the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band. Outside of creative pursuits, Anand is a radical librarian and health policy advocate at Transgender Law Center. He lives in Oakland with his cats, Finch and Sparrow.


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-Kaiya Kramer
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