Ep 46 Slurm Flirty Worm


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  • 00:20 Christianity is Oppressed
  • 07:31 Intro to Yannick
  • 47:53 “Sustaining”, by Yannick Taylor

This episode features an interview with a really fun punk band from the Pacific Northwest, Slurm Flirty Worm.  Slurm’s drummer and back up vocalist (Abbi) is trans, and a listener local to Slurm helped connect Abbi and I.  The whole band, Abbi, Michael, & Zakk are awesome, and I had a lot of fun chatting with them about how they got their name, what kind of music they play, and of course which hot pockets are the best hot pockets.


Slurm Flirty Worm Bandcamp: https://slurmflirtyworm.bandcamp.com/

Slurm Flirty Worm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/slurmflirtyworm/

Slurm Flirty Worm Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlurmFlirtyWorm

Obsidian Shell: http://www.obsidianshell.com/


  • How can you tell a timberwolf from a grey wolf?
    • From its bark!
  • What do you call an everyday potato?
    • A commentator
  • Why is that new cell phone wearing glasses?
    • Because its lost all its contacts!

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