Ep 45 Yannick Taylor

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  • 00:20 The talking stuff starts
  • 05:29 Intro to Yannick
  • 51:24 “Sustaining”, by Yannick Taylor

My guest for this episode is Yannick Taylor who hosts the Black Tran and Beautiful podcast, which can be found pretty much everywhere my podcast can be found…I found her on Spotify.  When I was checking to make sure this show looked the way I wanted it to in Spotify I searched the word “Trans”.  That was back in December, and even now searching in June, the only two transgender podcasts that come up when I search “trans” are hers and mine…which is like really sad.  On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to meet and chat with The Divine Priestess herself, Yannick Taylor.  Her show page describes The Black, Trans, & Beautiful Podcast as “an outlet to educate, enlighten, entertain, and to inspire. No topic is off limits.”  I’ve been a listener and patreon for a few months now, and it’s a great addition to my regular podcast rotation.

In case it wasn’t obvious by the title, Yannick is a black trans woman, and she’s also a church leader…which makes yet another christian that has been willing to come on this atheist podcast…I guess hashtag not all christians?

Stick around through the interview, as Yannick is also a musician, so I thought it would only be appropriate to close the show out with her music.


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  • What do ghosts play in the school band?
    • Haunting melodies!
  • The future, the present and the past walked into a bar. Things got a little tense.
  • Nurse I think I’m shrinking!
    • Then go see the doctor and be a little patient

If you’re reading this Jes, this joke is for you (not about you mind you – just for you)

  • Besides wood, can you name a poor conductor?
    • The music teacher!

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