Ep 37 Keepin it Real with Claire Kohner

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This week on The Queer Life radio show Kaiya Kramer interviews Claire-Renee Kohner [who] does freelance writing from her home in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here is her bio:

Claire-Renee Kohner is a woman who is transgender and does freelance writing from her home in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has written for Original Plumbing, TheAdvocate, Bustle, PlanetTransgender, TransgenTimes and TheColu.mn covering transgender issues as well as the transgender and queer music and movie scene both locally and nationally.

Claire-Renee identifies as pansexual, uses female pronouns exclusively and has been married to the same woman for 16 years. She came out to her family in January 2014 and has been transitioning for exactly a year this April 12th. She has three children ages 8,10,15

Writing Credits Include

  • Interviewed Michelle Hendley from the movie Boy Meets Girl, a trans rom-com starring a transgender female lead character played by a transgender woman.
  • Interviewed Eric Schaefer, Director of Boy Meets Girl and is currently working on getting the BMG movie shown in Minneapolis
  • Interviewed selfie king Michael Hughes who changed the bathroom bill debate from a trans male point of view
  • Interview Actress Alexandra Turshen [Thai Sanity, Body and the Amazon Series Red Oaks] Alexandra “came out” through Claire-Renee exclusively.
  • Interview with trans glam rock musician Venus DeMars
  • Interview with queer music producer Barb Morrisson
  • Interview with Kristen Beck
  • Interview with Cathy Brennan
  • Interview with Director Dominick Evans
  • Interview with trans drummer Jendeen Forberg

Currently working on

  • “Panic Defense” Bill in the Minnesota Legislature: Claire-Renee wrote the bill [that has not yet been introduced] on trans and gay panic defense. Mirrored from the California bill, Claire-Renee’s bill has 4 Representatives and 1 Senator signed on.
  • “Respect After Death” Bill will be introduced to key legislators in Minnesota in 2016. This bill will allow people to have their birth certificates represent their preferred gender.
  • Works closely with OutfrontMN’s Communications department in coordinating language used in the local transgender community.

Thanks for listening!

-Kaiya Kramer
Host of The Queer Life Radio Show

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