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Bi-Any Means
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My guest today is Trav Mamone, a bi-sexual genderqueer humanist whose podcast Bi-Any Means strives to show how Humanism and Social Justice intersect.  Trav has written for both Queereka and the Humanist blogs, must can now be found over on Freethought Blogs.  This interview was recorded back in March, and I want to thank Trav for being so patient with me in how long it took for this to be released.

I also take a few moments to share a few thoughts on Donald Trump, and what I feel should be simple first step in ending the needless violence at the hands of police.  While I specifically mention the police violence towards black and brown people, its important to remember the level of violence is increased towards the mentally ill, impoverished, and queer communities…and is especially increased those who are both a person of color, and a member of any other marginalized group.

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  • Hey, have you heard about this new invention, its called a shovel, apparently its groundbreaking!
  • What do clouds wear under their shorts?  Thunderpants!
  • Why was the sand wet?  Because the see-wee-d!
  • What do you call a cow who has just given birth?  De-calf-inated!


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