Ep 32 The SHINE Study

The SHINE Study

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This week we interview Erin Wilson from the SHINE study in San Francisco, here’s a brief description from their website:

The SHINE Study is the first longitudinal study of trans-female/trans-feminine/genderqueer – or trans*female (or anything other than a male assigned sex at birth) – youth aged 16-24 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eligible participants have the chance to contribute their voice and experiences in the first groundbreaking study of its kind. Participants can also earn up to $350!

Over the course of a year, youth will meet with study staff to complete three surveys ($50 for the first survey, $70 for the second survey and $100 for the last survey), receive free HIV testing, join our secret Facebook group, and be paid to refer three of your friends who might be interested in the study. You will receive $20 for each friend you refer who participates in the study. Over the course of the year, youth can earn up to $350.

What makes the SHINE Study so special?

Not only is the SHINE Study the first study of its kind to focus on this group of youth, but it will also help the world know more about the specific strengths and needs of our diverse community. We hope the information that you share with us help to make the community a healthier, safer, and better place to live in (SHINE Study).

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