Ep 30 The Satanic Temple

Satanic Temple

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  • 11:40 The Satanic Temple
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Today’s guest is John Wreisner who is the chapter head of the Minneapolis Chapter of the Satanic Temple.  Fair warning to all listener; if you’re going into this interview looking for the best recipe for cooking babies, you will be sorely disappointed.  The Satanic Temple is actually a wonderfully progressive organization that is working to better the day to day lives & experiences of everyone on the LGBTQIAA spectrum better.  That’s not their only goal, but it’s one of the main reasons I reached out to John and asked him to be on the show.  Satanists provide a much needed contrast to the arguments of religious freedom, because as a religion they force themselves into conversations about the proper place for religion in our society and governments.

Prior to the interview I get on my soapbox and discuss my views on political correctness, why I think George Carlin might be a bit wrong, and of course, why I’m right.

After the show find some empty space on the floor and get ready to find your dancing feet as you enjoy the wonderful sounds of The Subwave Network UK

Thanks as always to Obsidian Shell for opening and bumper music, you can find them over at http://obsidianshell.com/ or look for them in iTunes and youtube


The Satanic Temple of Minneapolis:

http://www.thesatanictemple.com/  Main page, chronicling the goings-on of our national body

https://www.facebook.com/tstmsp  Minneapolis Chapter Facebook Page. Folks can follow our activities here and contact us directly, as well as request to be added to the mailing list.

tstmpls@gmail.com  Minneapolis local chapter e-mail address

The Satanic Temple on Atheist’s Talk http://mnatheists.org/news-and-media/podcast/1075-personal-autonomy-and-the-satanic-temple-john-wreisner-and-karissa-christmas-on-atheists-talk-326-august-16-2015


The Subwave Network UK:

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/subwaveukwaritsara

Soundcloud Page https://soundcloud.com/the-subwave-network-uk

Bandcamp Page http://thesubwavenetworkuk.bandcamp.com/


Geeks Without God podcast: www.geekswithoutgod.com


Episode 28 of The Queer Life Radio show featuring an interview with Yui Karlberg frontwoman for this episodes musical guest: http://www.thequeerlife.org/ep-28-yui-karlberg/

Monster Talk podcast discussion of Satanic Panic: http://monstertalk.skeptic.com/el-d20ablo-the-satan-panic-and-role-playing-games


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Bad Joke of the episode:

I went to the Doctor yesterday because I had a lettuce lodged in my backside after a night of kinky salad play.  She had me drop my skirt and bend over a bit, and was quite astonished.  “Why Maddy, I can see a small leaf!”

I was non-plussed, “Yes Doctor, but you know that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.”






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