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Quick Episode Summary

  • 01:45 Thanks Rex!
  • 02:35 Mad Max & Men’s Rights
  • 07:34 Transition Transmission Interview
  • 67:17 Music by The Y Axes

This interview was recorded WAY back in January, the same day as I recorded The Web of Queer interview.

I interviewed Amber, Ramona, and Alexandria, the transgender trio who make up the transition transmission podcast way back in January.  Yeah, that was almost 6 months ago.  If you listen to transgender podcasts, you know like this one, you probably already know who Transition Transmission are, and most likely already listen.  And if you listen to this show, you’ve already heard one of their hosts here, back on episode 18, Amber Meador author of the speculative fiction book Otherselves, which was nominated for a Lamda award in transgender fiction.

Alexandria, Ramona, and Amber make a great team, providing a range of opinions on topics and news in the transgender community, not always agreeing with another, and not always agreeing with the trans agenda that is annually supplied by the trans cabal.

Transition Transmission is first and foremost entertaining, but along the way these girls educate, opine, and have super awesome guests.

I can’t thank them enough for their patience, and for allowing me the chance to chat with them here, in the past, and hopefully again in the future.




AMBER NEKO – Host [Producer] / Web Contributor

 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAmberNeko    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAmberNeko   Amber’s Books & Writing Site: http://www.amazon.com/Amber-NeB00EZD51RA/

ALEXANDRIA TIBBY – Host / Web Contributor Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tibricel

RAMONA MONA – Host / Web Contributor  Tumblr: http://nova-witch.tumblr.com/  Twitter: https://twitter.com/NovaWitch  Ramona’s Vlog/Thought/Gaming Blog: http://agentvortex.tumblr.com/  Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissAgentVortex/videos

Musical guest for this episode is The Y Axes

The Y Axes hang out in the San Francisco area, and in the past have been wrongly labeled the future of pop music, when they are in actuality pop music from the future, at least that’s their claim, and I’d rather just enjoy their music than sit around and ponder the reality of that claim.

If you are curious as to what their bio page says about them, let me read it to you.  San Francisco’s The Y Axes are a unique amalgam of anachronistic sound.  Drawing influence from a myriad era of popular and esoteric music to craft a fun original style.  Lush synths, technical guitar, and groovy rhythms help dive their quirky compelling stories about coming of age in chaos and finding love in the direst of situations.  The Y Axes are pop for music nerds.




Opening and bumper music for this episode is courtesy of Obsidian Shell find them at http://obsidianshell.com/ where you will find links to their YouTube and iTunes pages.

Oh, and just in case anyone was missing it, a really bad joke for you!

What do you call a sunken ship anxiously awaiting discovery?

A Nervous Wreck!

Yeah that was a shippy joke – I mean it really sunk!

(people actually put up with me in real life – can you believe it!)

Looking for the Minnesota Atheist’s link?  Waited till after I had a chance to tell that joke 🙂



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