Ep 27 Kellie Maloney UK Boxing Promoter

Kellie Maloney

This episode of The Queer Life radio show we interview Kellie Maloney born Francis “Frank” Maloney who is “a retired boxing manager and promoter and United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) politician, most notable for managing Lennox Lewis to the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World” (Wikipedia). Here is an excerpt from her Twitter:

Official Kellie Maloney, former Frank Maloney boxing promoter. 5th person to be evicted from 2014 CBB. iManagement company: Champion PLC.

In our interview we cover preferred gender pronouns, background in the UK, trans identity, boxing experience, boxing promotion, trans athletes and fighters, allegations of homophobia/racism, Lennox Lewis, aspirations, misgendering, family, sexual orientation, and gender confirmation surgery.

Kellie Maloney

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