Ep 25 True Confessions of a Gay Lawyer

True Confessions of a Gay Lawyer

This episode of The Queer Life radio show airs live January 23rd, 2015 on YouTube and KBBF 89.1 FM in Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area at 6-8pm Pacific. If you are watching or listening to this live tweet us @thequeerlife or call 707-545-0318 to ask any questions.

Last week we were set to interview Michael A. Fiumara an openly gay lawyer in Sonoma county, but due to hospitalization, we were unable to do so until today! Since last week the video has been featured on ABC news, Fox news, the Press Democrat. Also, I (Kaiya) joined Michael on on KSRO last Monday on Steve Jaxon’s show “The Drive.”


Current Events:

Here is a breaking news update about the trans woman appointed to be physician general from The Queer Life:

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