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Quick Episode Summary

  • 00:38 Some quick thoughts about Leelah Alcorn
  • 05:03 Kaiya Kramer of The Queer Life interview
  • Music by Leelah Alcorn

This episode features an interview with Kaiya Kramer, who as you may know, is a host of The Queer Life right here, on the show page for this podcast.  No really!  If you head over to the show page for this podcast (the same place you can leave feedback for this show) then scroll up and click on “KBBF 89.1 FM Episodes” and you can easily watch and listen to all of the awesomeness that is The Queer Life!  Or you can always head over to www.TheQueerLife.org The Queer Life is a weekly radio show out near San Francisco in Calistoga, California or “The North Bay Area”.

In this episode Kaiya discusses her work on The Queer Life and how she found herself hosting a Queer focused radio show in the bay area, how she found herself working with #AllBlackLivesMatter, Planet Transgender, and of course why she at one time had to delay a show because of Prune Packers (get your mind out of the gutter they’re a baseball team).

Kaiya then delves deep into her personal life discussing coming out to her family, her pre-transition life, and some very difficult times that she made it through.  Although to show that it is not all serious she also claims she is able to live off the land and kill large predators with her bare hands – well I guess I make that claim, and Kaiya doesn’t argue it.

After the interview I share some original music by the late Leelah Alcorn, turns out her incredibly stupid parents weren’t able to erase her life and work from the internet.  Perhaps they should’ve spent more time loving their daughter instead of trying to squish her into a box she didn’t belong in.

Opening and bumper music for the show courtesy of Obsidian Shell, closing music by Leelah Alcorn


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How does a tree get on the internet?  It logs in!

Why did the police officer smell?  Because he was on dooty!

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