Ep 115 Interview Trans Woman to Sail Around the World

In this episode of The Queer Life radio show Kaiya Kramer interviews Sabreena Lachlainn who will be the first christian trans woman to sail around the world. In the second hour we’ll discuss the recent implosion of Milo Yiannopoulos, the Trump administration’s destruction of transgender protections for children, and the current political atmosphere.

This show aired live at 6 pm Pacific on Friday February 17th, 2017

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Trans Woman to Sail Around the World

trans woman to sail

Sabreena Lachlainn Bio

Meet Sabreena Lachlainn-Henderson who is a transgender woman hailing from the United States who is aiming to sail around the world solo, non-stop, unaided and unassisted in 2017.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to tell my story and to promote my journey as I plan to sail solo nonstop unaided and unassisted around the world later this year. I created God’s Wind for the express purpose to sail around the world solo nonstop, unaided and Unassisted in 2017.

I have been an athlete since I was in 5th grade and until 2 years ago I was still competing in team sports having spent the last 9 years playing Women’s Pro Football for 4 different teams while breaking down the barrier and changing the stereotype of what it means to be a transgender athlete.

When my playing career came to a close I was lost and through prayer I felt God take me by my shoulders and point me towards the water, at first I did not get the message but then I came across the Welcome Home Special about Australian Teenager Jessica Watson who had broken the record for youngest to sail solo nonstop unaided and unassisted around the world and then it became clear what my next mission in life would be, that I was going to be the 1st espoused Christian Transgender Woman to sail solo nonstop, unaided and unassisted around the world but this isn’t just about me.

You see, when I went through my transition I felt like there wasn’t anyone out there rooting for me, especially in my darkest hours and this is what God’s Wind 2017 is setting sail to change that is why it is important for me to use my Project as a way to inspire others to follow their dreams, to not listen to the naysayers, the disbelieving or anyone who says “ you can’t do that.”

Just keep in mind, this is much bigger than me. this is about reaching a worldwide audience, its about demonstrating my faith and what God has done in my life and that being Transgender IS NOT a barrier to achieving one’s dreams and goals, that it is NOT a reason to discriminate against someone just because they are not understood.

In taking on this challenge I am accepting God’s calling to bring awareness to this issue but at the same time I am going out there to attempt the greatest athletic challenge on the planet, to show that despite the great distance (30,000 Nautical Miles) I will cover over 8-12 months, the rogue waves, the squalls, the mind numbing storms, nerve wracking winds, extreme isolation, constantly wet and cold, that I CAN do this and if I can do this then NOTHING is impossible.

In turn it will show anyone who is struggling that no matter how long the odds, no matter what the naysayers will claim, that if you have a dream, work hard at pursuing that dream then anything is possible.

I ask you to ponder this for a moment: Understand that over 3,000 people have successfully climbed Mt. Everest, over 500 people have gone into space yet NO TRANSGENDER WOMAN OR MAN has EVER sailed solo around the world,let alone nonstop unaided and unassisted, that is how BIG this challenge is going to be, how hard it is going to be, and how much I will have to train and work to make it a success.
Please join me in this amazing journey as I chase history…….1 WOMAN, 1 MISSION FOLLOW THE DREAM GOD’S WIND 2017.

Second Hour: LGBT News and Perspectives

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-Kaiya Kramer
Host of The Queer Life Radio Show

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