Changes In Latitudes: Transgender Experience – Epi 107


Episode 107

All The World’s A Stage

This week I share my thoughts about how we all have different sides or facets to our personalities; public, private, friendships, etc; and then I ponder how we fit into our environment, our world.  Are you a leader? A follower? An advocate? A teacher? Wherever you fit in know that it’s valid and that you are important. Next up I cover number eighteen of the 20 Jokes So Terrible They’re Actually Funny. Then over on the B-side I speak about October 11th, International coming out day and how it doesn’t need to be restricted to only LGBTQIA diversity, and I share a song that I feel fits and suits Coming Out Day …. almost could consider it an anthem for the day.

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Then like always, I round out the episode with listener feedback … this week it comes from Twitter!

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