Changes In Latitudes: A Transgender Experience Epi 102

Traversing Gender by Lee Harrington

Traversing Gender by Lee Harrington

Episode 102

Conversation with Lee Harrington Part 1

This week I am honored to have Lee Harrington as my guest. Lee is an author, a podcaster, an educator, a public speaker, a world traveler, and an all around great person.  We spoke about so many topics during our three hour free-flow conversation and I am so pleased to present the first third of our conversation this week. We started our conversation with Lee sharing how he discovered his own gender identity and how it has changed over the years, plus we spoke about being and advocate for LGBT and really all gender non-conforming people.  These three parts (next is part 2 and the following week is part 3) are not to be missed.

Check out Lee’s website, follow Lee on Twitter at PassionAndSoul, listen to his podcast “Passion and Soul” available on iTunes and Stitcher and get his book TRAVERSING GENDER available on Amazon.

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